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For new construction, add Nutra-Bond Plus to water as described above. The soil ideally should have approximately 25% to 30% cohesive, colloidal fines (200 mesh). Blade or disc the soil to blend in 
Nutra-Bond Plus and water, then grade and shape. Next, compact the soil at optimum moisture using a compactor, tractor or truck. Generally, the top 10 to 12 inches is treated for most liners.

When an existing pond or lake is filled with water and less than 8 feet in depth, use one gallon of Nutra-Bond Plus for every 6,000 square feet of surface area (8 gallons per surface acre). Pour Nutra-Bond Plus into the water from the windward side and around the perimeter or across the surface if a boat or pump can be used. Stir up the silt from the bottom of the pond any way possible (dragging chains sometimes works). Fines placed into suspension together with the Nutra-Bond Plus will then migrate to the seepage areas. Do not add water for 3 days. Nutra-Bond Plus disperses clay and colloidal materials into the voids between each grain of soil and causes a catalytic bonding process, creating a strong, tightly compacted stratum that resists water penetration.

Success with this method will depend on the soil composition of your pond. If loss by seepage does not stop within 10 to 14 days, you can let the pond dry and re-treat using new pond construction methods described above. Nutra-Bond Plus will not harm fish if used properly. It is most effective in sealing the soils in ponds when at least 25% of the material contains fines that will pass a 200 mesh screen, and the fines are primarily cohesive clays.