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Sparks Demonstrates New Road Building Techniques in China


Stephanie Morris

Amos Sparks is proud to be an American, especially after returning from a trip to China to demonstrate the use of a new product in the construction of roads.

Sparks said that the trip was from Dec. 3-11.  He stayed in the Garden Hotel in Taishan, China.  On hand were representatives from Haikou, Urumgi, Linan,  and Nanjang who came to look at what was being done and to learn how to do the technique in their different provinces.

Sparks received a call earlier this year from Greg Peterson of Specialty Sales in Holisiter, Calif.  Peterson invited Sparks to accompany him on a trip to China.  All expenses were paid by Specialty Sales.  Peterson and Sparks went to demonstrate the use of Nutra-Bond Plus, a multi-enzymatic road stabilizer.

"Greg called and wanted to know if I was interested in accompanying him to China to demonstrate Nutra-Bond," Sparks said.  "The trip was totally paid for and I did not use the money from the county to go on this trip."  Sparks said.  The two went traveled though Tokyo, Japan and then on to Hong Kong where they met their contact person and translator Billy Tam.

Tam owns Golden Enterprises, which is a manufacturing plant for all Home Depot doors.  Sparks said they were able to tour the 1.3 million square foot plant.

Golden Enterprises employs 1000 people and ships three 40 foot containers loads of glass to America a month.

Tam was raised in Taishan and chose his hometown to demonstrate Nutra-Bond.

Peterson sent a machinery list four weeks prior to arriving in the town requesting a compacter, motor grader and water truck.  Sparks said that when they arrived, they were greeted with a track hoe and a tiller to do the job.  The three men explained that they needed the compacter, motor grader and water truck..

The next morning using a grader found on a construction site, the group graded and applied Nutra-Bond and finished the road late Friday afternoon and proceeded to Hong Kong by van, which was a 2.5 hour trip.  Then took a 1.5 hour ferry trip to Hong Kong.  They loaded a plane Saturday morning and came back to America.

"Nutra-Bond takes the place of gravel and makes it hard like it is cemented," Sparks said.  "We have used it on five miles on County roads in the County and has been used on Macedonia Church Road and Estavanko Loop."

The Nutra-Bond goes on the ground as the base and then the tar and gravel goes above.  No gravel is required."

Sparks said that according to the department of transportation guidelines, each mile of road to be paved needs about 5,711 tons of gravel at $475 a ton - for a total of $27,127 per mile.  And that's just for gravel.  Labor and transportation are more.

With Nutra-Bond, no gravel is required.  The cost per mile is $5,250.  Only 15 gallons of Ntra-Bond is needed per mile.  Nutra-Bond is mixed with water and the solution is sprayed onto the road bed.  It sets up as hard as concrete, according to Sparks.

"This is simple to use and money saving and labor saving," Sparks said.

Saprks said that at first he was a little afraid to use Nutra-Bond because it was so simple to use.  However, he will use more and more as time continues.

Haralson County Commissioner Amos Sparks visited China recently to help demonstrate road construction using Nutra-Bond Plus.  Here Sparks is pictured with Chinese workers as they use one of their dump trucks